Five Games to Go: My Scottish Premiership Predictions

This is the time of the year where bums get squeaky and brows get sweaty in homes up and down the country. Forget about elections, forget about the war on terror, this is the final months of football season. While fans of rugby and other meaningless sports like cricket are saving up for their summer spray tan, footie fans are scrounging every penny to see out the season. So let’s make some bold (and probably wrong) predictions!



There’s not really much predicting that can be done for the top three any more. Those places are more wrapped up than Italians during a Scottish summer. In case you’ve been living in a cave for the last eight months, Celtic have won the league without being beaten all season. And of course, all Celtic fans have been keeping this to themselves and not letting every man and his dog know about it…

Second and third are as good as concluded. For Aberdeen it has been a case of best of the rest, they were never going to beat Celtic to the title, but were easily good enough to clinch that Europa league spot. Third place goes to that new team who were promoted to the Premiership for the first time last year, so it’s quite an achievement to get third. For a team that were only formed in 2012, their rise from the lowly third division has been somewhat inspiring.

….. I can’t keep up this charade any longer, of course Rangers were going to be up there. They do have Joey Garner after all.

So there’s not much to predict in this part of the table, it’s looking likely to finish same old, same old.


This part of the top six is much more interesting than the dross at the top of the table. Currently, Hearts, St Johnstone and Partick Thistle are separated by just eight points, so it’s all to play for in the final five games. Hearts were actually in third not too long ago, but then Ian Cathro came along.

Partick have been punching above their weight this season, and have really turned up in the last few months to make a push for the top five. They have only lost twice in the past ten games, and that was to Aberdeen and Rangers. It’s just as well that they didn’t climb the table any higher. Could you imagine Europa League football in Maryhill…

St Johnstone have been St Johnstone this season. Enough said.

In term’s of a solid prediction, I’m thinking that the Jambs are going to continue their downward slump, and will be overtaken by the Saints from Perth. Partick will try very hard to surprise us all, but will end up losing all five of their games. Poor Alan Archibald.


The bottom six has never been closer and more tense. Just eleven points separate Ross County in 7th and Inverness languishing at the bottom. Although you may be in the bottom half of the table, it’s still a good feeling to be the team that finishes the best of the bunch.

In reality, every team, except Inverness, have the opportunity to still finish in that coveted seventh spot. Who’s going to get it? That’s anyone’s guess. Every team in the bottom six has been so inconsistent this season, again with the exception of Inverness, who have just been consistently dreadful.

Kilmarnock have had a good run of form under interim manager Lee McCulloch, while Ross County always end the season strongly. And don’t count out Motherwell and Hamilton just yet, it’s so tight down there.

This prediction is definitely the hardest of the lot. Over the next few weeks, every team will be going up and down like a yo-yo. But here goes anyway. Ross County will take the top spot in 7th. Up next will be Motherwell, then Hamilton. And although it pains me to say it, I can see Killie sliding down the table and only narrowly fending off Dundee, our last few games of the season are always historically poor.





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