In The Bin – A Recap

If you’re new here, you may query as to why we are putting people in bins. Firstly, stop taking things so literally. Secondly, this is something that has started on the podcast and, since this blog has started after the podcast, it would make sense to recap everyone currently in the bin.

So, without any further ado, here are the current bin dwellers as brought to you by Five At The Back.

Gianluigi Donnarumma

Reason: being a bit of a b*****d to play against on FIFA

The genesis of “get in the bin” from the inaugural episode. Recorded one night after Peter had beaten me on FIFA thanks in no small part to the sheer ludicrousness of Donnarumma in goal, episode one featured me telling Peter that I thought he belonged in the bin. It was such a good line I even put it in the title of the episode and pushed to make it a regular feature on the show.

Salomon Rondon

Reason: being unable to score a goal ever

Resident donkey Rondon managed to become the second person to enter a bin on the podcast for his truly awful imitation of a striker. He’s so incompetent even Afonso Alves laughs at him. He has a goal record Jamie Carragher would be ashamed of and he couldn’t finish his breakfast, lunch, dinner or mid-afternoon snack.

Martin Skrtel

Reason: kicking people in the face in the penalty area for Liverpool

I am an unashamed Liverpool fan and few players have riled me up as much as Slovakian karate champion Martin Skrtel. Undeniably, he had some great spells of form while at Liverpool but when he wasn’t at peak performance then he was kamikaze with his feet. I’m pretty sure I once saw him decapitate Victor Moses.

Michael Oliver

Reason: his awful refereeing of Manchester City 1-1 Liverpool

Manchester City and Liverpool’s 1-1 draw in March was excellent. Michael Oliver’s refereeing was not. Apart from the obvious penalties not given for either side, he was completely awful and tried his best to ruin what was a wonderful game of football.

Danny Blind

Reason: getting sacked by the Dutch

Poor Danny Blind. He was only part-responsible for the Dutch failing to go to Euro 2016 (the misery was started by Guus Hiddink) and he was fully responsible for the Dutch struggling to a defeat against a pretty average Bulgarian side. He was promptly nicknamed Danny Binned.


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